NETELLER Verification

NETELLER verification is necessary to reach higher transaction limits and to be able to withdraw money at ATMs or to send money to your own bank.

All registered customers through VipEmoney have big benefits when not sending money to their accounts or use the webcam to be verified. Only using our link you will have the functionality to upload documents available in your account.

By following the instructions below your account will be verified much faster with a free and instant Bronze Pro VIP Upgrade.



Verify Neteller account

Neteller account verification process below apply only to the client register account via link of VipEmoney.

► You sign in to Neteller account and click Select order as to the verification page to Neteller:

► For the account in the VipEmoney system will function to verify your account by uploading the document without having to use the webcam, so please click on Upload photos to continue using this define method:

► Next select the document type you use to verify your account: ID card, passport or driving license. Upload file selected to continue to the next step

In this step you choose to upload your ID card front:

► Continue to select files for uploading to the back ID:

►After uploading a 2-sided ID card how such information will appear in the form, this thought was Neteller has received your ID document and pending. Next click on Continue to interface to select Verify your address:

► In step verified address of your choice Address Document Upload to upload a document to verify your address.

You should prepare a document verifying the address as: Certificate of bank account, bank statement, utility bill or water .... the documents required to verify the complete information yours. address coincides with the address ID and address listed on the registration documents Neteller.

Examples of address certifications: in the form is a certificate issued by the bank account provided, can be used to verify your account:

► Select the type of document you used to verify and click continue

► Click Upload file to upload your document and then click Continue

► Now that you've finished uploading documents to verify your account. Verifying your account Neteller will be checked and verified within 24 hours.

Neteller will have to email notifications let you know when the verification process is complete.

After Neteller your account is verified, you can upgrade your account to VIP status Bronze Pro to preferential transfers to 1.45% fee (maximum $ 10) and an unlimited volume.

Instruction upgrade Neteller Vip Bronze Pro